Learn how to navigate diet culture, stop obsessing over food and end the body shame spiral with a supportive online community. Stay motivated, deepen connection and get that extra dose of accountability in a cozy group space.

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Imagine if...

  • You felt supported by like-minded people that understand how you feel in your food and body struggles

  • Felt confident in your body and were no longer triggered by conversations with friends and family about diet culture

  • Had a community of proud diet culture dropouts who encourage and celebrate you every step of the way

Hi there intuitive-eater-to-be,

You are a kind, caring and creative person (and not to mention a badass at your job or studies!). Yet this is the ONE thing you can’t get control over. 

You know diet culture sucks, but no one around you seems to get it. 

You feel alone and unsupported.

You are uncomfortable talking to your family or doctor about your eating problems and you wonder, will this ever end?

What am I actually meant to eat!?  

Is food freedom really possible for me?  

A big part of these feelings may stir from a fear of abandonment or loneliness, which can be challenging, especially if we have a limited support network of people who can directly relate to our situation.

Reaching out to a friend or relative who may never have experienced a stressful relationship with food and their body may leave you feeling misunderstood or stop you from opening up fully.

Struggling with your relationship with food and body feels like an isolated, uncertain and scary place.

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This is why you are invited to the THRIVE TRIBE!

Weekly online support groups every Tuesday at 6:30pm BST

Why the Thrive Tribe?

When you join the Thrive Tribe you will:

We believe everyone has the power to change and we are committed to supporting each and every one.

We are ready to invest in you to maximize your potential, eat with confidence and embrace your body 

Are you in?

You’re all the way down here because you’re still not sure if MEMBERSHIP is right for you?

Let’s make this a little more simple…

The membership is NOT FOR YOU If:

The membership IS FOR YOU IF:

"You are able to build close bonds with everyone in the group. Regardless of the intensity, or experience of disordered eating you may have had, or whether you have had any experience with low body confidence issues, wobbles around eating and exercise, or anything in between that diet culture creates for us - I would highly recommend the support groups to everyone.”

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I join the membership?
You can join the membership at any time! Great news 😉
How is the membership different from the self-paced online programme and one-to-one coaching at Embody Health London?
The THRIVE TRIBE membership gives you exclusive access to a community of like-minded and courageous people on the same journey as you (because we know how lonely this can feel). You will not be provided with specific guidance to meet your individual needs. The elaborate library of webinars, audio and written materials are only available inside the one-to-one coaching programme or self-paced programme.
Can I join if I have an active eating disorder?
It depends! We recommend you book in and speak with us for a free discovery call because no two eating disorders are the same. We will need to assess your clinical risk as one-to-one coaching may be more appropriate.
How do I cancel my membership if I want to?
Don’t go breaking out hearts! You can cancel at any time (and we hope this means you have found food and body freedom).






Best Value


£37/ month

Billed Annually

(3 months free!)