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Recovery can be totally overwhelming

Your whole life has been dominated by your eating disorder and even though you are weight restored, your thoughts around food and exercise take up SO MUCH BRAIN SPACE.

This is the ONE thing in your life that you can’t seem to master. 

From an outsider looking in, it looks like you have a perfect life, but they don’t see the constant battle in your head.

Your self worth is tied up in your weight. But at the same time, you want to find balance. And, quite frankly you’re over it (not to mention tired and completely exhausted).

You know diet culture sucks, but no one around you seems to get it. You feel alone and unsupported. 

You are uncomfortable talking to your family or doctor about your eating problems and you wonder, will this ever end? What am I actually meant to eat!? How do I exercise without thinking about calories!?

This has been your life for more than five years and you are ready to make a change…

But your fear of weight gain is holding you back. 

And besides –

Is FULL recovery even possible for you?

If this is resonating with you, you’re in great company, in fact, you sound like every client we’ve ever worked with…

Hello! We are Cassie & Ariana

Aussie and Canadian dietitian besties, diet culture dropouts and avid pizza connoisseurs.

We’re also the co-founders of Embody Health London where we have helped over 500 (and counting!) eating disorder warriors feel worthy in their body and (finally) fully recover – for good!

To be honest with you, many individuals who receive recovery support are discharged too early  – or they become so focused on weight and numbers – they have never learnt how to eat intuitively and trust their body. 

And as a result, people are not getting the treatment they need to fully recover from their eating disorder.

When we first start working with clients, they may be weight restored or at a ‘healthy weight’ for their body, but their thoughts around food and exercise remain disordered.

Can I eat this food? Only if I exercise. Body image? Down the drain. Self worth? Tied up in body weight. 

Most traditional eating disorder services only focus on physical outcomes. And to be honest with you, they are missing a BIG piece of the puzzle.

After all, you are a human, not a robot. And you deserve ALL THE THINGS.

The first time we meet with clients, they do not believe true freedom is possible for them (like there is something uniquely wrong with them and their body).

And in just three months, they are able to trust their body, rediscover  joy, feel confident and FINALLY feel calm.

They wave goodbye to their eating disorder and step into their authentic self. 

We’ll just let that one sink in…

Because most people will look at their current situation and think, well, it’s not that bad, others have it worse than me and settle where they are. 

Or they are too scared of feeling like a burden, they don’t reach out for help in the first place.

Which means they’re stuck with feeling awful in their body, thinking they’re the one doing EVERYTHING wrong.

If it feels like we are talking directly to you right now, we can’t wait for you to meet our newly revamped creation!


A practical and supportive step-by-step framework to heal your relationship with food in 12-weeks, without the fear, guilt or overwhelm. THRIVE will take you from thinking about food and body image 24/7 and having really intense negative feelings about yourself, to feeling confident, worthy and happy, so you can live in the present moment , reach your FULL potential and create a life you are proud of

We start on January 20th!

I went from feeling constantly on edge at holiday gatherings with my family, to being able to be in the present moment and actually look forward to tasting new food everyone was cooking. I now make memories, rather than constantly worry about what I am eating. Thank you so much for your support, knowledge, power and courage over these last 12 weeks.”
California, United States of America

THRIVE is based on a different approach to recovery

The whole idea is that you are tasting food and body freedom every step of the way, so you can go into Summer 2022 worrying about which ice cream flavour you’re going to pick – not what you will look like in your swimsuit.

Yep – mark it in your diary! Food and body freedom will be yours by April 2022. 

It’s also the only course on the market that covers Embodiment & Body Image work, Intuitive Eating, Nutrition Science, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and mindfulness practices, such as yoga, all-in-one!

For example, where other programmes teach you about nutrition and intuitive eating, THRIVE also teaches you how to interweave emotional, social, physical, mental and spiritual well-being into your recovery journey. So you can feel whole for the first time (in a long time), and go and live your fabulous life!

“Thank you for everything you did for me, this programme has changed my life!”
“To be honest, I was scared before getting started. I wasn’t sure if I fit the ‘typical image’ that comes to mind when we think of an eating disorder. However, I knew I wasn’t okay. I was so desperate for someone to just help me, because I couldn’t do it by myself. I tried to recover alone and it wasn’t happening. When I started the programme, my mindset changed very quickly from thinking I would never get better, to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Some of it was difficult, don’t get me wrong, because I felt like I was really facing some of my issues head on. Looking back, I can’t believe how much I grew over those 12 weeks and I enjoyed every minute of it. Since completing the programming, I feel like my life has just gotten better. I’m relaxed when my partner does the grocery shopping, I enjoy exercising and family meals are no big deal. It’s honestly crazy how your body does tell you what you need, and you can just listen to it. I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders. I don’t need safe foods, food is just food. My life is so much more enjoyable and I feel healthier! Thank you for everything you did for me, this programme has changed my life!”
Kent, United Kingdom

What's included

Total value is £ 5,560

All of this incredible value will be yours with 90% off

When you join THRIVE you get

Pre-recorded modules released each week

Modules are released weekly in a thoughtful step-by-step format so you get access to what you need as you need it, rather than feeling overwhelmed with all of the information on day one. You will have lifetime access to all course content and materials so you can go back at any time you need a little boost!

Weekly live support groups

Feeling nervous you are not doing recovery “right”? Unsure if you are trying too many fear foods at once? Getting caught up in your busy brain? If you have questions, wins to celebrate, or challenges you want support with, our weekly live support groups will provide you with reliable, unconditional and compassionate guidance… because we’re all in this together. 

Weekly worksheets to practically implement what you learn IRL

THRIVE is all about giving you the know-how, the how-to and the practical tools you need to wave goodbye to your eating disorder once and for all. By the end of the 12-weeks you will trust and embrace your body, feel confident around food and rediscover the  joy of eating… and if we’re being honest, this doesn’t just happen with theory alone. This calls for pulling up your socks and getting practical!

Full-time access to a community of recovery warriors in a cosy group space

… (that’s not a facebook group!). This is where you will connect with other incredibly brave and inspiring warriors in the programme to ask questions, stay motivated and get that extra dose of accountability. 

PLUS Bonus content including guest masterclasses, mind-body practices and journal prompts to keep you kicking your eating disorders’ butt!

Sounds like the kind of recovery roadmap you’ve been looking for? 

Hear what past clients have to say about THRIVE

"You are able to build close bonds with everyone in the group, regardless of previous experience. Cassie and Ariana are always on hand to provide reassuring support and words of wisdom, which helps with the guided worksheets you are given each week.

Regardless of the intensity, or experience of disordered eating you may have had, or whether you have had any experience with low body confidence issues, wobbles around eating and exercise, or anything in between that diet culture creates for us - I would highly recommend the programme to everyone.”
London, United Kindom
“I felt very alone when I was at my worst. When I found out there was a community who were all in the same boat as me, that is exactly what I needed. I loved connecting with everyone in the group because I really needed other people who understood where I was coming from. It was one of the best things about the programme - to know I wasn’t alone.”
Manchester, United Kingdom

Here is a sneak peak of what we’ll cover

Week 1-2
Master the first cornerstone of the EHL Method: Mindset. Learn how to reject the diet mentality, awaken your intuition and apply the power of visualisation. Get unstuck from your limiting beliefs, build emotional resilience and start taking value-aligned action.
Week 1-2
Week 3-4
Learn mindfulness techniques including breath work and self-compassion to start facing your food fears, without the overwhelm.
Week 3-4
Week 5-6
Take a deep dive into the second cornerstone of the EHL Method: Embodiment. Cultivate body trust, understand your hunger and fullness, and expand your window of tolerance.
Week 5-6
Week 7-8
Appreciate and understand your body image story and build body respect. Implement self care strategies and move your body for joy.
Week 7-8
Week 9-10
Discover the third cornerstone of the EHL Method: Nourishment. Reclaim pleasure and satisfaction from eating and become a nutrition pro as we explore the world of nutrition science. Identify facts from fiction and build skills for life.
Week 9-10
Week 11-12
Bring all the puzzle pieces together and feel confident to make food choices, embrace your body and step into your authentic self!
Week 11-12

You’re all the way down here because you’re still not sure if THRIVE is right for you?

Let’s make this a little more simple…



Are you still unsure?

Sometimes the only way you can really know if a programme is the right fit for you is by going for a test drive, which is why we provide a 14-day money back guarantee

All you need to do is complete all the course materials, homework and attend all support groups for the first two weeks. We are ABSOLUTELY CONFIDENT this course provides everything you need to complete your recovery journey and if you complete this programme, you will see incredible results in your life. If you still do  not find value in this one-of-kind-course in the first 14 days, we will provide a full refund. 

"The seminars were brilliant, and it was an excellent mix of learning from Ariana and Cassie, interactive workbooks, as well as reflections with others in the group. I have learnt a LOT, and cannot thank you enough for running the programme!”
Boston, United States of America

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