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The THRIVE Experience: Anastasia’s Story


We had the privilege to interview one of our past THRIVE participants – Anastasiia who shares her journey to full recovery with us. In today’s blog we share the questions we asked and her answers! 


Q. What were you looking for in a programme?

A. I actually perfectly remember the moment. So it was late at night and I could not sleep because I ate too much and felt physically stuffed and emotionally uneasy. I googled a few questions related to ‘why people overeat at night and I found a very relevant answer from Embody Health London. That was the moment I discovered you.

Q. How did you know you found a programme that was right for you?

Once I looked through the Embody Health London’s website and program overview I felt fairly interested as it was something of a quality and definitely not the information I can find everywhere. So I scheduled my initial 30 min consultation and it was it. Everything was just right.

Q. How would you describe the struggle you were living with prior to the programme?

Oh it was a lot. I had bulimia for years. Before that, clear signs of anorexia. Low self-esteem, excessive focus on food and out of proportion body image.

Could be partly a one way road relationship with my mum. She could be happy and loving in one moment and snap right in the next. I suffered from those swings and oftentimes thought I was the one at fault. On top of that my personality is more sensitive towards other people’s feelings way more than my own. Probably that and many more reasons combined together.


Q. What was your belief about the solution to the struggle prior to the programme ?

In some ways I felt it was me who needed to stop overeating, start controlling myself better and just do the right thing. Which of course hit me back harder when I could not manage to do exactly that.


Q. What told you, you were ready for full recovery?

As I said I was in recovery already. But I was looking for different perspectives, possible knowledge behind the scenes that will help me understand my behaviour better.


Q. What was it like working with Embody Health London?

Loving and warming. I was looking towards every new session. Loads of priceless information. Great exercises and just such sincere support.

Q. How if at all, has this transformation impacted your life?

It brought me to the next level of my recovery. I became more understanding towards myself. And I stonewalled my idea to never diet and to not even have thought about it. With EHL I learned so much real data of why it only hurts. Finally I really understood it.

Q. What objections did you have or doubts that you would have wanted to be addressed before committing to the programme?

I probably had some sort of quality doubts. Just because I so unexpectedly found EHL over the internet. But as I discovered the website and social media I saw I did not need to worry. And never ever I doubted it.


Q. How have celebrating special events changed for you since completing the programme? Christmas? Birthdays? Holidays?

Well…it became more enjoyable actually. As I know I will allow myself anything I want as long as I listen to my body and stop or maybe just take a break when it is time, I am not worried about celebrations any more. I am looking forward to them.

Q. What do you do outside of school/work for fun? What are your interests?

I love doing sports, anything to move my body. I really enjoy travelling and hope that one day I can visit London and meet Cassie and Ariana in real life 🙂 I enjoy reading books and browsing through Instagram and watching movies on Friday evenings. And of course I love hanging out with people and building communities.

If you can relate to Anastasiia’s story and you’re ready to finally get out of the recovery limbo THRIVE is for you.

Get in touch with us today if you still have queries and want to learn more at [email protected]

Team EHL x

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