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Stop Overeating: A Mini Course 

Your ultimate guide to stop overeating and feel in control around food.

Stop Overeating is a short course designed to help you make meaningful changes to build trust around food and find pleasure in the eating experience so you can live a healthy and happy life.

We know you’re busy… which is why we’ve designed this mini course to provide quick results!

If you’re ready to reclaim your power around food we are here for you.

I’ve been following you two for a while now and just want to thank you for everything you do and making food freedom possible for people like me. I just signed up for the seven day course and completed the first four days and love it!! can’t wait for the rest 😍


I've been eating so much more mindfully since starting this short course. Who knew the way I breathe had an impact on how much I eat 😅 Thank you both!!
United Kingdom
Absolutely loving the mini course! These tips seem so simple and yet have such a big impact! I haven't binged in 5 days since starting! Thank youuuu x
United Kingdom

Hi - we are Ariana and Cassie!

Canadian and Aussie dietitian-besties and proud diet culture dropouts!

We help women like you who are sick of dieting and being on the ‘diet starts Monday’ bandwagon because we believe it is your birthright to live a life free from diet rules where you trust your body and live a healthy and happy life.

We are the co-founders of Embody Health London, where we have helped 1000’s of women find food and body confidence – for good!

As women, we have been led to believe we need to control every morsel of food that goes into our mouth and that we cannot trust our bodies, which leads us into a vicious cycle of restricting and binging.

Hi Cassie and Ari! I just wanted to thank you for your mini course. I’ve been looking forward to the daily tip everyday this week because they are so practical and helpful! Thanks for all that you do 😊


If this sounds too familiar, we can’t wait to see you in this mini course! We are ABSOLUTELY CONFIDENT you will get so much out of it.

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