Free Recovery Masterclass

Your first taste of food freedom: How to move from managing your eating disorder to fully recovered

(even if you have fear of weight gain, you don’t feel ready and you are terrified it’s not going to work for you)

In this free recovery masterclass you will uncover….

5 mistakes you are making in eating disorder recovery 

That are keeping you stuck

How to use fear as your RESOURCE 

To propel you forward (and leave self-sabotaging a thing of the past)

Signs you are ready to fully recover 

Even if you have been told this is as good as it gets and you will have to manage your eating disorder for the rest of your life.

The pathway from managing your eating disorder to FULL recovery ​ 

We know it is scary. That is exactly why we share the tools we use with our clients in our clinic.

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You can't miss this if...

You no longer want to JUST MANAGE your eating disorder.

... and you are afraid you have been living this way for so long, that change feels impossible

But at the same time, you want to find balance.

... And, quite frankly you’re over it (not to mention tired and completely exhausted).

You’re terrified of wasting time on something that won’t work.

.… You have tried EVERYTHING and your whole life has been dominated by your eating disorder... and even though you are weight restored, your thoughts around food and exercise take up SO MUCH BRAIN SPACE.


Hello, we are
Ariana and Cassie!

We help eating disorder warriors eat with confidence and embrace their body. 

We are the founders of Embody Health London – where we have helped over 500 (and counting!) clients feel worthy in their body and fully recover – for good!

Join us in this jam packed 60-minute masterclass and we promise to share the exact tools you need to cross the finish line of your recovery.

Hope to see you there!