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Individual Coaching

EHL one to one coaching sessions are led by a specialist dietitian online on a weekly basis across 12 weeks. An initial assessment covering your full medical and diet history with insight into your lifestyle, eating habits and support system so a bespoke programme is tailored to your needs. Each programme is uniquely designed using The EHL Method and your dietitian will coach and support you through building confident and empowered food choices for your day to day life. Coaching may extend beyond the initial 12-weeks and is determined through discussion with your EHL dietitian. 

Are you ready to make a real and lasting change?

How To Get Started

one to one coaching stage 1

Step One

Book your FREE 15-minute video call

One to one coaching stage 2

Step Two

Speak to one of our expert dietitians to learn about our services and to help us identify your challenges, goals and how we can support you.

One to one coaching stage 3

Step Three

You will be assigned to one of our expert dietitians or the group programme and work together to heal your relationship with food and live a life you love.



Initial Assessment

This 60-minute appointment will give the chance for you and your dedicated dietitian to get to know one another. We conduct an initial assessment covering your full medical and diet history with insight into your lifestyle, eating habits and support system so that a bespoke programme is built and tailored to your needs.


Goal Setting

A 75-minute education session where you lay the foundations to prepare for your journey. Your dietitian will provide you with a personalised handbook including nutrition science information, tools and exercises to commence your journey. You will also set long-term and short-term goals together.



Attend weekly 45-minute nutrition counselling appointments with your expert dietitian. In your weekly sessions you will learn how to listen to your body cues and feel your hunger and fullness, learn how to cope with uncomfortable emotions without using food, challenge your limiting beliefs and develop constructive coping strategies. You will receive a whole bunch of practical worksheets and resources to support you on your journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

Open discussion will be maintained over the course of your programme and you and your dietitian will determine the best course of action moving forward. Every case is unique, and we strive to provide tailored care.

Services cancelled by clients with less than 24 hours’ notice are chargeable at 100% of the agreed fees. This not only respects the time and expertise provided by the clinicians at Embody Health London Ltd, but will also help you to make progress on the goals and plans you have committed to.

If you are ready, it works!

Yes, we work with clients globally as we are a virtual clinic. Consultations are provided via video conferencing so you can meet with one of our experts from the comfort of your home!

Funnily enough, many of our clients report SAVING money once they work with us as they no longer find themselves purchasing diet products or signing up to diet plans. Our programmes are an investment in yourself – priceless.