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The three essential pillars to experience true food and body freedom

(that are often missing in traditional approaches)

The pathway from managing your eating disorder to full recovery

(We know it is scary. That is exactly why we share the exact tools we use with our clients in our clinic)

Signs you are ready to make peace with food

(Even if you have been told this is as good as it gets and you will have to manage your eating disorder for the rest of your life)

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You can't miss this if...

You no longer want to live inside your head with all those food rules..

... and you are afraid you have been living this way for so long, that change feels impossible

You’re terrified of wasting time on something that won’t work.

.… you have tried EVERYTHING and even though you are in a better place, your whole life is still dominated by food and body thoughts

You just want to eat normally and feel good in the skin you’re in.

... but your thoughts around food and body image take up SO MUCH BRAIN SPACE.

If it feels like we are talking directly to you right now…..
You sound like every client we have ever met


Hello, we are
Ariana and Cassie!

We help eating disorder warriors eat with confidence and embrace their body. 

We are the founders of Embody Health London, a virtual nutrition clinic based in central London. Our team of specialist dietitians and certified intuitive eating counselors have coached over 500 (and counting!) clients to feel worthy in their body and fully recover – for good!

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Each programme is uniquely designed using The EHL Method and your dietitian will coach and support you through building confident and empowered food choices for your day to day life.

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