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weighing yourself

This happens when you stop weighing yourself

As soon as you wake in the morning, you tense up… you place both feet on the ground, take a breath and sigh in apathy just hoping the number you see this time might just be enough… feel like enough… but to no avail, is it really ever?

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secret eating solution

Three reasons you’re secret eating

As the name suggests, secret eating is a disordered eating behaviour that involves eating at times, in locations or in ways where you won’t be seen, with the intention of hiding what or how much you’re eating from other people…

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food freedom all foods fit

How to ‘ditch diet culture’

If you’re reading this, you probably have some vague idea of diets and diet culture by now. You may very well have been on a diet at some point, perhaps long ago or even last week.

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The Science of BMI – Is it reliable?

For decades, BMI has been used by health professionals and researchers to indicate the health and future health risks of individuals. However, in recent years, the criticisms for this practice have grown as the usefulness of BMI is called into question.

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Six eating disorder affirmations you need to hear today

Incorporating self-affirmations can play a significant role in our personal journey to recovery from an eating disorder or a challenging relationship with food. Well-timed and consistent affirmations have been shown to improve health, relationship and educational outcomes, with long-term benefits…

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How to shop for clothes and embrace body neutrality

Body image is such a big topic in the health space, and we know it is impacted by so many factors, including age, size, mood and even clothing. (1) Clothing has been around for around 100,000 years (2), initially serving more practical purposes …clothing today is more focused on aesthetics…

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What to do if you can’t feel your fullness

‘Feeling your fullness’ is one of the ten intuitive eating principles. This article will explore what this part of the intuitive eating approach really covers and how we can strengthen our interoceptive awareness. This will help us to recognise bodily cues to eat and live more mindfully.

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How to get ready to recover from an eating disorder

Recovery from an eating disorder is rarely linear. Instead, it’s more likely that your readiness to change will ebb and flow throughout your journey – and that’s okay! The purpose of this article is to help you to understand the process of change and to support you towards getting ready to recover.

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Can changing my diet help me to fall pregnant?

While we can’t guarantee you that changing your diet will yield a positive pregnancy test on your next cycle (we wish we could!), this article will talk you through the dietary changes that are backed up by research to support optimal fertility.

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Five tips to help you get your period back

To break it down, hypothalamic refers to the part of the brain responsible for regulating reproduction, known as the hypothalamus; amenorrhea means the absence of menstruation. So hypothalamic amenorrhea is the loss of the menstrual cycle due to a disruption to the hypothalamus.

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How to cope with food comments

In the space of the time it takes from plate to palette, we can come to internalize these comments and equivocate the portions on our plate with the proportions of our body.
Something as simple, innate, and natural as eating becomes complicated by the burden of socially conditioned expectations.

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How do I stop binge eating?

This week is Eating Disorder Awareness Week here in the UK, and this year’s focus is on Binge Eating Disorder. https://www.beateatingdisorders.org.uk/edaw As part of Embody Health London’s contribution to this important cause, this article shares five of our top tips to help you to stop binge eating – for good!

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Three ways to feel good in your body and improve body image

We frequently separate ourselves from our bodies and treat them like something that needs to be punished for betraying us by not fulfilling our own or society’s beauty ideal, as opposed to cultivating a greater sense of bodily connection and focusing on our lived experience over looks… this blog highlights how to do just that.

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How to support someone with an eating disorder

Eating disorders are incredibly isolating illnesses – as a result, social support is fundamental to recovery.1 However, worrying about what to say (or what NOT to say) to a friend or family member with an eating disorder can feel really overwhelming.

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Is eating organic food really better?

Organic foods are often promoted as the superior option by wellness and “clean-eating” gurus, yet are those pesticide, hormone, and antibiotic free foods truly “healthier” or simply a fast-track to shopping-induced stress and a direct route to eating into your overdraft and food budget?

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How to manage weight gain during menopause

Many health professionals blame the symptoms and increased health risks associated with menopause on the increase in fat around the abdomen. While there is some evidence to support this theory, there is also a whole host of reasons why…

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Can you really mistake hunger for thirst?

Googling “can you mistake thirst for hunger” brings up numerous articles advocating that hunger is often just dehydration in disguise. In a world where we have become accustomed to, if not normalised, ways in which we can suppress hunger…

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How to Set a New Year’s Resolution that Sticks

Often when we want to change something within our lives, within ourselves, about ourselves we’re given to wait for some sort of temporal milestone – that is, we wait for Mondays, for foreign holidays, for big birthdays, for Weddings…for New Years.

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Four Ways to Practice Body Neutrality

Self-love is incredibly empowering and aspirational, but it is also a radical concept for many people. When your body image is far from perfect, the idea of loving your body can seem unachievable or even laughable…

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full stomach pink

How to Feel Your Fullness

…feeling fullness is an intricate process that is orchestrated beautifully by the human body (oh, how we love to marvel at the human body!). Once you begin to better…

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girl hugging self love

3 Ways to Boost Body Image

Trust is something that we learn. It’s earned. So in this same way, when we seek to foster a positive body image we are looking to re-build the relationship we have with oneself. That is, with small acts of kindness.

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girl eating pizza

3 Steps to Become a Normative Eater

Have you ever caught yourself thinking “why can Karen just eat everything she wants and still be so slim?!” If you’re like most women trapped in diet culture, the odds are the answer is yes.

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dietitians happy girls

What do Dieticians do?

As two dieticians, we often get met with confusion and puzzled faces regarding what we do and how it is we got here. Countless times we have been directly messaged…

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Recipe: Black Bean Venezuelan Arepas

Being half Venezuelan, I can only vouch for these delicious patties as the ESSENCE of food culture in Venezuela. Made of ground maize dough and a touch of olive oil and salt, these patties can be stuffed with just about anything you can dream of!

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girl mistake pink

9 nutrition mistakes you are making

There is SO much information available on the world wide web and being able to differ sense from BS is now more challenging than ever! Does celery juice cure cancer? Are bananas evil? Should I try keto? …

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How to stop dieting

Do you agonise over the food you eat? Do you feel crippled with self-doubt at the thought of not trying to lose weight? Does it feel constant? The idea of not dieting can be very scary. When we talk about this with…

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What to do if the diet isn’t working

“I’ve been on a diet for two weeks and all I’ve lost is 14 days”, said every female. Ever. There perhaps is no more popular topic than dieting and weight loss when it comes to topics for discussion in the nutrition world.

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